When it comes to your summer holidays Olu Deniz should be your first port of call, and at Coop Travel we’ve got some of the best breaks to this fantastic beach resort in Turkey.

Olu Deniz is often cited as having one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and the stunning shades of deep blue and crystalline azure will certainly take your breath away. Not only this though – the beach also has fine white sand and is secluded, surrounding a beautiful lagoon that will keep you coming back for Olu Deniz holidays time and again.

Many people that visit Olu Deniz claim to fall in love with this little village resort because of its pleasant atmosphere and friendly locals, along with the bustling shops and exciting activities you can take part in there. If you’re after low cost holidays Olu Deniz is definitely the place to go as well, since there are so many low-priced things to do in the village.

For example, if you see yourself as an outdoorsy person you should spend a day exploring the coastline on foot or by bike, which you can easily rent for the day. You’ll get to walk through majestic pine forests and can follow the well-travelled dirt paths to nearby villages. If you’re feeling especially adventurous you could even have a go at climbing Babadag Mountain, which looms over the village and is the perfect set-off point for paragliding.

We’ve got lots of all inclusive Olu Deniz breaks that you could cash in on to save even more money on your break and you could find yourself staying in one of the seafront hotels in the village. For an amazing day out in Olu Deniz, book yourself a boat tour of the coastline or go scuba diving to see the amazing underwater world of the Aegean Sea.

If you would like to book last minute holidays Olu Deniz is a popular choice, but at Coop Travel we always have breaks to this little Turkish village available so check now to see what’s on offer.