Letting your hair down and knocking back a few drinks at one of Altinkum’s bars and clubs is definitely something worth adding to the travel itinerary, if not just to bask in the atmosphere for a mere moment.

Lineker’s Bar welcomes people from all corners and it is a laid-back place to start the evening, before hitting happy hour at Billy & Lee’s. If you like dancing to anthems and chart music, make your way over to the Funky Forest Bar.

There really is something for all ages to experience in Altinkum. At the local market, you can teach the young ones some useful haggling skills and bag a bargain on souvenirs. Trinkets of all kinds can be found at the weekly market, a large portion of which are extra special, since they are handmade.

Feel revived after sweating out the toxins and cleansing the lungs with a steam bath, before taking a walk along the promenade. Altinkum main beach is sure to catch your eye or if you want to do something fun as a family, play a game of mini golf. Tennis, beach volleyball, and football are just a few sports you can get stuck into with the relatives, or as part of a group on holiday in Altinkum.

Enveloped by islands, it is safe to say that the breathtaking natural landscape of Altinkum lures in couples throughout the seasons. The scenery, with its sublime sunset scenes and lakeside, is a major reason why couples prefer to holiday in Altinkum, rather than other resorts.

There is something in the air in Altinkum that attracts couples. Scattered around the land near the lakeside is a Byzantine Monastery, which would serve as the ideal setting for an intimate stroll with your other half. Alternatively, watch as the setting sun drapes the entire promenade and ocean in a shade of warm red.

Connect with one another on a deeper level by taking some time out in a Turkish bath. Similar to a Roman bath, a Turkish bath is the Islamic version and will leave you both with supple and soft skin, not to mention relaxed muscles.